Prevention & Treatment

There are different treatment options a doctor may present to a patient with androgenic alopecia [AGA] including prescription pills such as PROPECIA®, lotions such as ROGAINE®, or surgical procedures (hair transplants, scalp reduction).

Bio-Fen Plus® is a natural herbal treatment for hair loss taken orally in capsule form, it is effective in reducing DHT build up, is cheaper and less painful than surgery, and it has none of the side effects common with most medications. The original Bio-Fen formula has been in wide use in Europe for a decade (and is especially popular as a female hair loss treatment), due to its natural composition and effectiveness, it is often considered the best hair loss treatment for the effective reduction of DHT levels.

Bio-Fen Plus® VS. other hair loss treatment options

Ease of use

Hair transplants and scalp reduction surgeries: Both are time consuming, require travel to a clinic, and can be painful.

ROGAINE® (minoxidil): Is a liquid or foam that must be rubbed into the scalp twice daily and left to dry, making it inconvenient as a female hair loss treatment for longer hair.

PROPECIA® (finasteride): Is is a once-a-day pill for men only and is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. It can’t be used for a female hair loss treatment as women should not even handle the pills, because of potentially harmful side effects.

Bio-Fen Plus®: Is an easy-to-swallow, easy-to-digest capsule taken once a day, with or without food. It is safe for most adult consumers and does not require a prescription.

Side Effects

Hair transplants and scalp reduction surgeries: The side effects may include pain, scarring and possible infection, not to mention the embarrassment of having to hide your head while the affected area heals.

ROGAINE® (minoxidil): The liquid can cause irritation of the scalp.

PROPECIA® (finasteride): According to the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS, 34th edition ), 3.8% of 945 men taking PROPECIA® pills in a clinical study (and 2.1% of 934 men taking the placebo) reported one or more adverse experiences such as decreased libido or erectile dysfunction adversely affecting sexual performance for men.

Bio-Fen Plus® : NO known side effects, sexual or otherwise, if taken as directed. Women who use it bear no risk of developing male sexual characteristics. It is completely safe for most adults for hair loss treatment. (Pregnant or breastfeeding women should first consult their family doctor before using Bio-Fen Plus®, or any other herbal remedies). Consult a health care practitioner prior to using Bio-Fen Plus® if you are taking levodopa, if you are undergoing anti-coagulant, hypoglycemic or hormonal therapy, if you have impaired liver function, or if you are unsure whether you are consuming adequate vitamin B12.


Hair transplants and scalp reduction surgeries: may run into thousands of dollars and may require time away from work.

ROGAINE® (minoxidil): can be purchased without a prescription for about $45 a month. There are warnings that once you start this kind of 5-alpha reductase treatment, you may need to consult a physician before you stop this kind of hair loss treatment.

PROPECIA® (finasteride): is a prescription-only oral treatment for hair loss and starts at $60 for a month’s supply, but you will likely have to pay consultation and dispensing fees, so read the fine print.

Bio-Fen Plus® : costs less than $65 for one month’s supply of hair loss treatments, and does not usually require a medical consultation.

Is There a SURE CURE for Losing Hair?

Throughout history, human beings have searched for a cure for losing hair that really works. Since as far back as 1500 BC, we’ve thought of baldness or thinning hair as an unsightly defect to be covered up or somehow fixed, and many people still feel that way today.

Our balding ancestors plastered all sorts of unsavoury things on their scalps, such as bear fat and bird droppings. They ate strange seeds and oils in a futile effort to discover the “Holy Grail” to prevent hair from falling out.

More recently, pharmaceutical companies developed new drugs to help combat hair loss, such as ROGAINE®(minoxidil) and PROPECIA® (finasteride), which plump up the hair and slow the thinning process, but are not cures for hair loss.

Chemicals vs. Herbs

Many people are uncomfortable taking drugs or are unable to take them due to health reasons or intolerance of side effects. For them — and for all of us — a natural solution for loss of hair is a preferred option.

Bio-Fen Plus® is a remarkably effective product, which treats the hereditary form of hair loss (AGA) with NO known side effects and minimal risk factors, it is a gentle herbal and vitamin formulation taken in capsule form that can in some cases actually stop hair loss the healthy, natural way.

While a guaranteed “hair loss cure” hasn’t been discovered yet, taking Bio-Fen Plus Capsules while using Bio-Fen Revitalizing Shampoo and Bio-Fen Stimulating Conditioner is the best way we know of to naturally prevent hair loss while keeping your locks shiny, thick and healthy-looking. Bio-Fen Plus users have reported results including their hair thinning at a slower pace, hair having stopped falling out, and some actually grew NEW hair.

Prevention of hair loss is not as popular a topic as is its treatment with drugs like ROGAINE® (minoxidil) or PROPECIA® (finasteride). These high end drug therapies come at an expensive price and may not fit your budget! Before you pay through the nose for finasteride or minoxidil be proactive about finding an effective way to combat hair loss.

Here are just a few of the remedies for baldness prevention you’ll see being promoted today (Most of which have embarrassing side effects) :


  • A diet of whole foods with an emphasis on vegetable peels.
  • Eating sulphur-rich foods like Brussels sprouts, dried beans, cabbage, eggs, fish, and garlic.
  • Essential oils rubbed into the scalp every night for 7 months.
  • Traditional Chinese tonics to strengthen weak kidneys and hair.
  • Eating a lot of roasted sesame seeds.
  • Minoxidil was initially used for treating high blood pressure in the 1980s until its curious side effect was noted. The brand was then marketed under the name


Many people find these so-called “natural” remedies distasteful, inconvenient or just plain useless in preventing hair loss.

Prevention the New Natural Way

Bio-Fen Plus® comes in an easy to swallow capsule containing natural herbal ingredients that slow down or prevent hair loss. It’s effective at preventing hair loss in those who take it and actually helps regrow hair in many users. Its active ingredients include extracts of herbs such as fenugreek seeds, saw palmetto berry extracts and flax lignans combined with vitamins like B5, B3 and B6. Theses herbs help remove excess cholesterol (the building blocks of DHT, which causes thinner hair and hair loss). The vitamins help increase blood flow to the capillaries (nourishing the hair roots and delivering nutrients) and also help increase the bioavailability of the herbal extracts.

This dual action of preventing hair loss and boosting hair and scalp health are what give Bio-Fen Plus® its effectiveness. It’s now easier to stay away from messy oils, lotions, special diets and expensive drug therapies and to treat hair loss without unpleasant side effects. Just one capsule a day and you’re done!

It’s the solution to the dilemma of how to prevent hair loss and help retain your youthful looks – the easy, natural way.

It’s Not About How To Grow Hair, It’s About Turning Back The Clock

The key is timing… the longer you wait, the thinner the hair and eventually more hair will be lost. It’s much easier to stop hair loss than to grow it back. It is crucial to start any hair treatment as soon as you notice that your normal hair loss has begun to increase and your doctor has confirmed you have androgenic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness).

BIO FEN is not a “How to Grow Hair” product – BIO FEN, blocks the enzyme that converts free testosterone into DHT, which stops hair loss

Bio-Fen Plus® has unique herbal extracts which reduce the level of the enzyme which converts testosterone to DHT in your body, Low DHT levels means reduced hair loss. This has been prevents hair loss, effectively stopping hair loss in many cases or at least reducing the rate of thinning & eventual loss in those who use Bio-Fen Plus®.

Bio-Fen Plus® also contains vitamins for increasing the bioavailability of the herbal extracts and for healthy looking hair. The capsules can contribute to better health in general while they’re stopping hair loss, you get to look AND feel younger – and turn back the clock a little.

Learn more about Bio-Fen Plus® – with herbal extracts for hair loss here.

We Carry Two NPNs (Natural Product Numbers) Issued by Health Canada's Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) for Men's  & Women's Capsules.


NPN Women's Capsules 80025413   |   NPN Men's Capsules 80025521

Other claims approved by the NNHPD

  • Helps relieve elevated blood lipids/Hyperlipidemia
  • Helps the body metabolize Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins
  • Prostate Health (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia)
  • A factor in the maintenance of good health
  • Helps form red blood cells and helps in their proper function.
  • Helps prevent iron deficiency.